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Jim O’Rourke, “Pictures of Adolph Again” (2008)

This very O’Rourke cover of the Bill Fay classic was recorded for the soundtrack to Koji Wakamatsu’s UNITED RED ARMY, which will finally be seeing a belated theatrical release in 2011. This is only song proper O’Rourke performed for the film; the rest of his material consists of striking original instrumental numbers. O’Rourke currently lives in Japan and is quite the Japanese film buff (and film buff in general — a number of his LPs are named after Nicolas Roeg movies), so this collaboration shouldn’t be too surprising. What is surprising, though, is that O’Rourke is reportedly unhappy with Wakamatsu’s finished film; I think UNITED RED ARMY, while certainly less transgressive than the director’s subversive pink films, is one of his greatest.

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